Iconic Massages

You can add to any of the treatments below an Oriental Head Massage, performed with or without oil, to obtain the deepest relaxation. (20€)

"The Signature" (60min - 90€ / 80min - 110€)
A full body massage combining different techniques to relax tired muscles and renew the body. A perfect combination of deep massage and flowing movements to relieve tension and stress, providing a sense of well-being from head to toe.

Essential MiM (50min - 80€)
Created to relieve stress, this aromatherapy massage works through a flowing sequence on the back, feet, hands and head. It allows the mind to calm down and with it, the inner tension.

Blissful Hemp oil Massage (45min - 70€)
Focused on the musculature of the back side of the body. A full back massage performed with hemp seed oil extremely relieving for muscle tension, followed by a massage to lighten legs and feet. For those who want to chill on the treatment bed and surrender to the bliss.

Back, neck and shoulder (30min - 60€)
The musculature of the back and neck reflects our lifestyle and very frequently it is the area of the body that suffers the most. This massage treats the entire back and emphasizes the most conflictive areas, helping relieve the accumulated tension.

Balancing Foot Massage (30min - 50€)
Based on the reflexology principles, this massage is a therapeutic method of treating the body. With controlled pressure it alleviates the source of the discomfort and is effective for promoting good health, balance, and for preventing illness.


Ayurveda Siddha Marma Massage (85min - 110€)
Marma is a Sanskrit word which refers to any open, exposed, weak or sensitive part of the body. In Ayurveda, it is a point in the human body that's located at the intersections of veins, muscles, joints, bones, ligaments or tendons.
These points are vital because they are infused with Prana (life force energy) we can find 107 in the body and are influenced by consciousness.
Throughout this ancient healing massage, and using the proper technique, we help our system to release the toxins accumulated on them (physically, mentally and emotionally), that are the root cause of physical diseases.

Traditional Thai Massage (80min - 120€)
With hundreds of years of tradition, Thai traditional massage is based on a sequence of pressure points and meridians, circulatory compressions, joint mobilizations and stretching. The result is a total physical and psychic relaxation, as well as a perfect internal balance. It is performed on a mat on the floor, with loose clothing to facilitate the movements. The proper breathing sequence is essential to feel the benefits.


Ibiza Salt & Oil body scrub (30min - 50 €)
An amazing treatment to keep your body skin beautiful and toned. A complete body exfoliation with the well-known Ibiza’s Salinas that will leave your skin smooth and healthy.

Anti-age grape body wrap (45min - 60€)
A dry exfoliation with a natural bristle brush that activates the lymphatic system and eliminates dead cells. Next, a wine wrapping, highly antioxidant, to repair the skin and counteract cell damage. A global anti-age treatment.

Slimming detox green tea body wrap (45min - 60€)
The lipolytic and draining properties of green tea stimulate the elimination of toxins and body fat. A dry exfoliation followed by a detoxifying wrap that will boost your system to get rid of what is not needed.

Cancellation policy

* 24h notice for any changes or cancellations. In case of no show 50% of the total amount of your booking will be made.
Please, arrive with plenty of time to your appointment. 20 minutes after the agreed time, if you have not arrived, it will be considered as no show, and the company will have the right to re-organise it's schedule.

* The facilities in our sheltered terrace will be reserved exclusively for clients with treatments during the day. All hotel guests can enjoy free entrance after the last treatment of the day is performed.

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