Facials by Dr. Hauschka

We use natural products from the best raw materials, made with extracts from medicinal plants, organic farming and fair trade. Certificates with the international quality guarantee NATRUE.

Our philosophy is to fully respect the natural functions of the skin, and help your own system to balance, bringing your skin to its perfect state, understanding that each person is unique. "Dr. Hauschka "


Holistic Treatment Dr. Hauschka (120min – 140€)

The most luxurious of our face treatments combines physical and emotional well-being together with the proven experience of a top-quality facial.

Relaxing foot bath, gentle massage on legs and arms, aromatic muslins, are the preparation for deep cleansing and facial treatment with Dr. Hauschka cosmetics.

Purifying and moisturizing masks plus intensive blister-based treatment activate and regenerate the skin. Later lymphatic stimulation decongests, eliminates toxins and boosts the immune system.

All perfectly combined in this ritual of beauty and well-being.


Deluxe Facial Treatment (90min -100€)

To get the maximum benefit from a facial treatment, we must always start with a deep cleansing of the skin, which will open the pore and help the subsequent absorption of all the nutrients and properties of the products that we are going to use.

This facial is the combination of a complete cleaning with extraction, followed by a personalized treatment depending on your skin type. Includes 2 face masks, facial lymphatic drainage, hand massage and oriental head massage, in addition to all Dr. Hauschka natural products.


Purifiying facial treatment (Detox) (75min – 80€)

Deep and intense cleansing with natural Dr. Hauschka cosmetics to purify and soften the skin. In addition to cleaning and exfoliation we will use ozone vapor to aid extraction and to oxygenate and moisturize the skin, facial lymphatic drainage, soothing or balancing mask, serum, head massage and specific product will be the ritual of this luxury facial.


Nourishing facial treatment (60min - 70 €)

The first quality of good skin is hydration. Over time, it loses the ability to retain water, this is reflected in dryness, wrinkles and irregular tone. This facial stimulates its natural retention properties of hydration, through the natural cosmetology Dr. Hauschka. An immediate and lasting change.


Anti-age Revitalizing (60min - 70 €)

Helps fight against free radicals with the benefits of antioxidants. The excess of sun, pollution, lack of water and poor nutrition, adversely influence our skin accelerating the process of skin aging. It returns light and shine to your skin eliminating the tiredness of your face and providing the vitality and freshness of younger skin. Rejuvenating or firmness mask Dr. Hauschka according to the need of your skin.


Ultimate Glow Facial (30min - 50 €)

Delight yourself with this instant facial beauty. Cleansing, enzymatic exfoliation to bring light to your skin, facial massage using acupressure point and drainage; And to finish a vitalizing Dr. Hauschka ampoule for a spectacular finish.

Cancellation policy

* 24h notice for any changes or cancellations. In case of no show 50% of the total amount of your booking will be made.
Please, arrive with plenty of time to your appointment. 20 minutes after the agreed time, if you have not arrived, it will be considered as no show, and the company will have the right to re-organise it's schedule.

* The facilities in our sheltered terrace will be reserved exclusively for clients with treatments during the day. All hotel guests can enjoy free entrance after the last treatment of the day is performed.

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